Hair transplantation started to be applied by FUT Technique...

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    Although Hair transplantation is assumed as a surgical process ,it can be proceed under local anestesia easily after medical consultation ,hair anaylisis before hair transplant. For transplantation, hair is placed at back part of head can be used as donor .
    Before hair transplantatinon , with a medical consultation , zone which will be transplanted hair and a natural hair line ,and how many graft needed is determined
    Hair transplant can cause of hair dropping ,burnt and alopecia accidentaly
    Hair transplatation must be done in a hospital under hygenic surgery conditions

    There are two types of hair transplantation :
    1-Fue Technique :
    By this technique which has been proceed since early 2000`s , transplanted hairs look very natural . In fue technique , graft is picked up with hair folicles which are placed at back part of the head .Up to tranplantation date , the grafts are preserved in a proper solution .In fue technique ,it is opened channels on zone where will be implanted grafts .In Fue technique no remains any mark on the head and the process is done with local anestasia .

    Fue technique is an old technique and it is not preferable in our time .In this technique a ribbon skin part which is removed from back of neck is attached to zone without hair .After this technique it can be observed marks and numbness and there is no natural hair look .

    1. If you take any medicine or schampoo for alopecia( balding) stop using it before one week to transplantation
    2-If you take any anticoagulant ( blood thinner ) stop using it before one week to transplantation
    3- Dont drink alcohol and smoke before 5 days to transplantation
    4-Dont shave your hair unless it is recommended by your doctor .
    5-Tell your doctor before transplantation if you had any surgery , take any medicine regulary or you have any chronic disease
    6-When you come to transplantation wash your hair and wear clothes with zip or button so you take off easily .
    7-Before coming to transplantation have a full breakfast and during and after transplantation you can eat something light

    1-After transplantation keep transplanted zone away from hit and friction for 1 week
    2-After transplantation recommended medicines should be taken accordingly
    3-After 1 day from transplantation , it should be gone for check out to remove the bandages
    4- After transplantation dont lie back for 1 week
    5- After transplantation Dont have any sexual activity for 1 week
    6-After transplantation dont swim in the sea or at swimming pool , dont do heavy work out , dont enter sauna or stay under strong sun
    7- After transplantation, hair should be washed inmin.24 hours max. 72 hours .First washing is done by an expert at the hospital or clinic .Before washing it is put a special solution on the transplantation zone to make dried scubs soft then solution is cleaned by rinsing transplantation zone .For hair washing it is used a special medical schampoo .
    8-After hair transplant , hair should be washed with special schampoo and solution for 2 weeks
    9-After hair transplantation ,if you have an itchy feeling on transplantation zone , use recommended spray accordingly .
    10-After hair transplant , transplanted hairs are fallen and they take out again in 6 months and this process will be done in one year .

    ATTENTION The operation rooms are complete desinfected and sterilised to avoid any risks, and local anaesthesia is used.


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