It is a technique which is used for myopia , hypermetropia and astigmatism over 30 countries around the world.

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  • LASIK 

    The word ‘lasik’ has created by assembling capital letters of Laser-Assisted Insitue Keratomileusis. It is a technique which is used for myopia , hypermetropia and astigmatism over 30 countries around the world.

    In laser technique ,it is used a flap surgery technique , on cornea layer it is created a flap then cornea layer is shaped again by removing flap layer and by doing excimer laser on stroma layer of the cornea so the patient gets rid of using glasses.

    Do not do any make up when you come to laser treatment and remove your make up very well that you did a day before Laser treatment is done by topical ( drop) anestesia. Laser treatment lasts approximetely 5-10 min. You should follow instructions given by your doctor during laser After laser treatment , you may feel irritation , pain and foggy vision in your eye for 3-4 days .

    If you feel a strong pain you may use a painkiller After laser treatment do not rob and scratch your eye and keep your eye away the water for 3 days After laser treatment do not swim at swimming pool , in the sea or spring water . After laser treatment you must use special protection glasses given by your doctor when you go to bed . 

    After laser treatment , it is very important to use suggested eye drops according to instructions . You may need to use suggested artificial tears for 3-6 months.

    Lasik method can not be applied to those who are under 18 years , whose eye glass prescriptions have changed more than 0,50 dioptria in 1 year ,pregnants with nursing , those who use medicines which effect on the vision and those with keratoconus ( conical kornea disorders ) and those who have thin cornea layer.

    For patients who have high eye glass prescriptions , after Lasic treatment ,it can remain small number of dioptria ,in these case if the patient’s cornea layer thickness is proper , a second laser treatment is applied as free of charge.

    In some patients after lasik treatment , it can be observed eye driness ,in these cases it can be used artificial tear drops or put lacrimal plugs.

    Before lasic operation , patient’s eye is anesthetiezed locally by an eyedrop and the operation time is about 10 min.Just after the operation , it can be felt pain , irritation in operated eye and blurred vision problems but the day after all post operation symptoms disappear .

    After lasik operation it should not be touched to eyes and slept by wearing special glasses which will be provided by your doctor. The day after the operation , the patients can start their daily activities and they go on taking post operation medicines which are prescribed .After check up , patients can have a shower but it should not be touched to the eyes and eyes should be keept away from soap ,schampoo etc. The patients can start to do sport after 4 days but swimming is not suggested for 1 mont after operation.


    Excimer Laser equipment is an equipment which is used for treatment of reflactive disorders in eye like miyopia,hipermetropia,astigmatizm and presbyopia , the treatment method is done by Excimer Laser equipment is called as LASIK(Assisted İnsitu Keratomieusis).Since 1990 ,this FDA approved Lasik method has helped more than 10 million people all over the world to improve their miyopia,hipermetropia and astigmatism problems as the safest method .

    Excimer laser equipment with 193 nm frekans which is used in Lasik treatment ,improves reflactive disorders ,means miyopia , hipermetropia and astigmatism by reshaping in cornea layer with laser rays .

    Excimer Laser, is laser method which removes the tissue by evaporating.This evaporating technique fixes defects in eye like miyopia,hypermetropia and astigmatism which is used since 20 years with 15 million people Excimer laser is a safe mehtod which is used for LASIK ,PRK ,LASEK and SUPRACOR treatments.It is also used after Intralase(femtosecondlaser) techniques.


    Intralase or femtosecond laser are equipments which are used for removing flap from cornea instead of using mechanical microtomes Frekans of Intralase and Femtosecond can differ starting from 30 khz up to 150 khz .Smaller and smaller spot diameter in Femtosecond , reduces energy usage so surface of flap gets smother .

    Femtosecond or Intralase are mostly prefererd for patients whose cornea layers are thin and not suitable for removing flap and patients who have high degree myopia and astigmatism Since Intralase and Femtosecond laser are more expensive they are not a prefareble methods around the world

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