Presbyopia is a laser technique

  • Description

    Presbyopia is a laser technique which is applied to people who use close –vision glasses to make them stop glass usage Presbyopia is a problem with not seeing close vision starting after 40 s ages .( it starts with not able to read close writtens) .Presbyopia is a different vision defect from myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism and it is observed with people who have one of these vision problem in their late ages as another vision problem. The objective of laser treatment with Supracor is providing people to read newspaper , books and cellular phone text messages without using glasses The patients who are treated by Suprocor laser after treatment it can be seen a problem with seeing the far.


    The Word ‘PRK’ its become with initial letters of the words ‘ Photo Reactive Keratectomy’vThis is the first treatment with Excimer laser which was used for stopping glass usage .After PRK the patient may feel pain, soreness , foggy vision in the eyes for 1-2 days

    After PRK , it is put a contact lens on the aye with a bandage for protection and these lenses are taken off after 1-2 days .After PRK , the patient should use recommended eye drops accordingly .PRK treatment is prefered for patients who are not suitable with LASIK treatment .

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